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January 4, 2002 - Page 2, Friday

Colours of life on canvas

WORLD THROUGH a child's eyes is spontaneous depiction of the real world, with all the minute details, Children were at their creative best at a recently oragnised Kalakriti's drawing competition in which more than 200 students from 12 societies in East Delhi participated.

There were colourful illustrations, from simple balloons to anything that fascinated young artists. It was purely their idea of a beautiful world, worked upon with amazing details.

Though children were given ordinary topics, their work gave an impression of the extraordinary. For 15 year old Chetan Mongia, a beautiful world was all about blooming trees, chirping birds and a pollution free environment. Ten year old Neha Saha from Ramakrishna Vihar who bagged the first prize chose the topic 'My Family'. She beautifully depicted that a family is incomplete without elders. Five year old Rishabh Jairath's depiction of 'My Pet' was just wonderful. The child did not bother about the intricate of drawing. He simply concentrated on what his feelings were for the pet. The painting depicted him hugging his little cat.

For nine year old Sudhanshu Tiwari from Nirman Vihar, beautiful world was all about the towering World Trade Towers, untouched by any terrorist activity.

"We gave simple topics to the children in the age group of five to seven like: My Pet, Mt Train, Balloons and Christmas Party. The basic idea was to help them use as many colours as possible, " says Kirti B. Sarkar, one of the and the organizer of the event.

HT Live Correspondent

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