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Amita Thour

Ashok Kaushal

Prashant K. Sarkar

Kamal Sohal

Kirti B. Sarkar

Mahesh Pottabathini

Madan Lal

Manjit Kaur Mejie

M. I. Shaikh

Mukhtar Kazi

Neenu Vij

Dr. Romika Bhasin Billore

Rukshana Huda

Sadhna Sangar

Safdar Shamee

Satwant Singh Sumail

Shakti Singh Ahlawat

Sher Singh

Kalakriti Foundation, Endeavour showcasing various forms of Visual and Performing Arts in India and Abroad. It is a common platform for Masters, Emerging and Budding Artistes for networking, sharing technical, trends and intellectual know how through our various below mentioned activities Our online gallery have become synonymous with representing Indian contemporary art to the global market, be it private collectors or public institutions.

Kalakriti Foundation encourages a broad-based practices ranging from painting and sculpture, prints, graphics, photography and installations, including supporting public art projects and events. We make a consistent and concerted effort to provide every amenity to the artists giving free rein to their creativity to translate through whatever their chosen medium in an uninhibited manner and also allowing artists to truly expand and explore beyond their normal practices.

Kalakriti Foundation will not only display works of renowned painters but will also collaborate with budding artists by creating a market for rare works of art from across the globe. It's the promise of Kalakriti Foundation to create an equal platform and display gallery for all artists, whether professional or amateurs, art students or house wives, folk artists or street artists.

All artwork sold is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity together with a photograph of the artwork and signed by the Artist and Authorised Signatory of Kalakriti Foundation.

How to Pay:
We accept Cash, Direct Deposit, Cheques, Draft and Online Transfer as a mode of payment for any kind of Work of Art. Cheques and Drafts should be made in favour of Kalakriti Foundation payable at New Delhi.

Join Us:
We welcome all to be associated with us and appear on our web by sending us your detailed profile with high resolution images of your work at Kalakriti99@gmail.com, info@Kalakritifoundation.com.

Other Services:
We provide for STUDENTS a global platform to display their art online.

We help SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES to nurture the hidden talent of budding artists.

We provide full artwork solutions for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars.

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