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Kalakriti Foundation
is a platform for various forms of Visual and Performing Arts in India and Abroad. It is a common platform for Masters, Emerging and Budding Artistes for networking, sharing technical, trends and intellectual know how through our various below mentioned activities:

Visual Art:
  • Group exhibitions (Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Sculptures, Photography, Prints)
  • Creative workshops
  • Creative competition for children
  • Creative competition for adults (Professional / Amateurs)

Performing Art:
  • Creative workshops
  • Performances
  • Organize classical, light, instrumental, fusion, dances, theater and theme oriented shows

Undertake various professional cultural events for corporate:
  • Vocal (Classical / Light)
  • Instrumental (Classical / Light )
  • Fusion Music
  • Dances (Classical, Contemporary & Folk)
  • Theater

Annual Excursion:

Every year Kalakriti organizes outdoor studies (Nature Study) cum picnic for all students. Outdoor nature study is an annual feature at Kalakriti. The concept of outdoor nature study is to improve observation power, study of natural light and shade, Foliage and Perspective study.

While the performing art students present their skills through various songs, music and dance numbers to make the atmosphere very cheerful and enjoyable in front of large gathering of people and passer by. This gives them an exposure and confidence to perform without any hesitation.

During this excursion students gets a chance to interact as well as an expert's tips by the distinguish guest artists.

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