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About us

Kalakriti Foundation is formed in 1999 with the aim to promote art & culture and creating awareness for many other issues for societal development especially amongst the youth & children through various forms of "Visual and Performing Art", founded by Prashant K. Sarkar & Kirti B. Sarkar, ex-students of Delhi College of Art, New Delhi, India.

The First Language:

'Visual Art' is our first language and followed by the 'Rhythm', i.e. Performing Art. The foundation takes up many such different activities of Visual Art and Performing Art to train children the young generation of all categories, Senior Citizens, Maid Servants, House Wives, and Slow Learners at the same time spread awareness about art & culture in the form of Visual and Performing Language.

Our Mission: Societal Development

To create awareness a thrust to retain our old but very beautiful, meaningful, scientific and precious culture which is dyeing day-by-day in pretext to manipulated western culture.

  1. Wheels to Develop our Society:
    Culture and Literacy are the two major wheels of our society, thus these two important factors should be taken very seriously by all of us.

  2. What we believe:
    It is very easy to be Literate and it is very difficult to be Educated and Cultured. Because, Literacy comes through the academic knowledge, while Education you get from the family background and you upbringing your surroundings, the society you are living in.

  3. Will to Develop our Society:
    Kalakriti Foundation strives to do so for the last Ten Years to spread this awareness amongst the children as well as the adults so that we can retain and sustain our own rich cultural values so that everyone can live in a healthy society.
Our Objectives

  • Promote Indian Art & Culture and spreading awareness about various other Art & Culture, Heritage of the World

  • Sharing Knowledge, Technical Know-how, Latest Trends etc. By providing a common platform to all amateur, professionals, academicians, business developers

  • Encourage young artists by showcasing their talents and helping them convert their hobbies into profession

  • To avail underprivileged children an opportunity for Creative Expression / Value based education / Art education

  • Harnessing creative potential towards cultural and economic empowerment

  • Sustained development towards vocational adaptations through induction of various skills and capabilities

  • Training children and adults in various art forms

  • Organise cultural events, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and workshops on art and culture from time to time

  • Conduct research and survey in the field of protection and promotion of various art forms

  • Networking for market outlets.

All these objectives are achieved with the help of dedicated and enthusiastic team of well-experienced professional faculties of Kalakriti Foundation comprising Painters, Sculptors, Designers, Vocalists, Percussionists, Musicians, Psychotherapists and Medical Professionals.

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Anugoonj - 8, 2017

Event Photography Contest
For Age Group:18 to 25 years Attractive Prizes

8th Annual National Show 11th to 16th December, 2017

Jawahar Kalakendra (JKK)
Jaipur, Rajasthan

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