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Welcome to Kalakriti Foundation

Kalakriti Foundation was formed in 1999 with the aim to promote art & culture and creating awareness for many other issues for societal development especially amongst the youth & children through various forms of “Visual and Performing Art”, founded by Prashant K. Sarkar & Kirti B. Sarkar, ex-students of College of Art, New Delhi, India.

Kalakriti Foundation encourages a broad-based practices ranging from ‘Painting’ and ‘Sculpture’, ‘Prints’, ‘Graphics’, ‘Photography’ and ‘Installations’, including supporting ‘Public Art Projects’, ‘Folk Art & Crafts’ and ‘Events’. We make a consistent and concerted effort to provide every amenity to the artists giving free rein to their creativity to translate through whatever their chosen medium in an uninhibited manner and also allowing artists to truly expand and explore beyond their normal practices.

Kalakriti Foundation is a platform for various forms of Visual and Performing Arts in India and Abroad. It is a common platform for Masters, Emerging and Budding Artistes for networking, sharing technical, trends and intellectual know how through our various below mentioned activities.

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Anugoonj - 8, 2017

Event Photography Contest
For Age Group:18 to 25 years Attractive Prizes

8th Annual National Show 11th to 16th December, 2017

Jawahar Kalakendra (JKK)
Jaipur, Rajasthan

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